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Photo by  Nathan McBride

Haiti Solar Operation

We’ve been working with a Haitian humanitarian and mission team to become one of the few importers of flex panels to the country. With lack of a power grid, unreliable fuel sources, and a theft epidemic, getting the right generator is a challenge for integrated humanitarian teams.

Importing flex panels to Haiti is our goal because they are much lighter than traditional panels and are easier to secure from theft when mounting.

Once contact is made with those in need of solar energy, we can offer instructions and assist the operators in assembly to insure they have electricity.

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Tough Generator

Also in the the testing phase is our tough generators. Designed to be lightweight and rugged, as well as completely water, dust, and shockproof.

These generators will have a 12v lithium-ion battery and multiple USB and DC power outlets. The battery can be recharged by solar panels, your car engine, or even a 110v power socket. The baseline generator will be a battery pack and DC power outlets to keep the price low while using high quality parts. A solar charge controller and 110v AC inverter can be added for those looking for more power options.